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The effect of mineral-based alkaline water on hydration status and the metabolic response to short-term anaerobic exercise
Jakub Chycki, Tomasz Zając, Adam Maszczyk, Anna Kurylas
Biol Sport 2017; 34(3):255-261
ICID: 1232788
Article type: Original article
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Previously it was demonstrated that mineralization and alkalization properties of mineral water are important factors influencing acid-base balance and hydration in athletes. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of drinking different types of water on urine pH, specific urine gravity, and post-exercise lactate utilization in response to strenuous exercise. Thirty-six male soccer players were divided into three intervention groups, consuming around 4.0 l/day of different types of water for 7 days: HM (n=12; highly mineralized water), LM (n=12; low mineralized water), and CON (n=12; table water). The athletes performed an exercise protocol on two occasions (before and after intervention). The exercise protocol consisted of 5 bouts of intensive 60-s (120% VO2max) cycling separated by 60 s of passive rest. Body composition, urinalysis and lactate concentration were evaluated – before (t0), immediately after (t1), 5’ (t2), and 30’ (t3) after exercise. Total body water and its active transport (TBW – total body water / ICW – intracellular water / ECW – extracellular water) showed no significant differences in all groups, at both occasions. In the post-hydration state we found a significant decrease of specific urine gravity in HM (1021±4.2 vs 1015±3.8 g/L) and LM (1022±3.1 vs 1008±4.2 g/L). We also found a significant increase of pH and lactate utilization rate in LM. In conclusion, the athletes hydrated with alkaline, low mineralized water demonstrated favourable changes in hydration status in response to high-intensity interval exercise with a significant decrease of specific urine gravity, increased urine pH and more efficient utilization of lactate after supramaximal exercise.

ICID 1232788

DOI 10.5114/biolsport.2017.66003

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