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Absolute lactate threshold predicts endurance performance in master athletes
A E Rossuello, S A Hawkins, R A Wiswell
Biol Sport 2009; 26(2):105-112
ICID: 890152
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 9.80
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In master athletes the relationship between lactate threshold (LT) and endurance performance is unclear, possibly due to age-related decrease in VO2peak. To determine whether an absolute measure of LT was a significant predictor of 10km running performance in master athletes, 51 men master athletes (40-77 yrs) performed a treadmill graded exercise test with minute-by-minute venous blood samples for lactate analysis. Training status and recent 10 km performances were determined by questionnaire. VO2peak (r=-0.56, P<0.001) and the two absolute measures of LT, Power at LT (r=-0.44, P<0.001) and VO2 at LT (r=-0.39, P=0.002), were significantly correlated to 10 km performance, but relative LT (% of VO2peak) was not (r=0.10, P=0.48). VO2peak (R2=0.31, P<0.001) and Power at LT (∆R2=0.08, P=0.015) were significant predictors of 10 km performance. These findings suggest that absolute LT is predictive of endurance performance in master athletes. Furthermore, relative LT is not a useful evaluation of LT in master athletes, possibly because of the age-related decrease in VO2peak.

ICID 890152

DOI 10.5604/20831862.890152

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