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The effect of rehabilitation exercises on the gait in people with Down syndrome
M Marchewka, W Chwała
Biol Sport 2008; 25(4):339-350
ICID: 890265
Article type: Original article
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Objective: The following question was set: Do special exercises decrease disturbances of gait in people with Down syndrome and allow for spacio-temporal parameters closer in values to the variables achieved by healthy people? The research involved 10 persons with Down syndrome, including 9 male pupils and 1 female pupil of the Complex of Special Schools in Cracow, Poland, aged 16-22, with the average age of 17.8±2.69. All the subjects had documented moderate and considerable mental handicap, with the average IQ equalling 37.6±4.29, measured in the Terman-Merrill scale. Background: People with Down syndrome have problems with keeping their balance, both while standing and walking. The dysfunction of lower extremities, manifesting itself in a gait different from the norm of healthy people, releases compensation mechanisms levelling disturbances and leading to unavoidable overloads, and in consequence to the damage of different segments of the locomotor system. Methods: Vicon 250, a computerized system of a three-dimensional analysis of motion, connected with five video cameras working in infrared was implemented to assess the parameters of gait. Results: All the spacio-temporal parameters of gait in people with Down syndrome were significantly improved after the period of rehabilitation, and in the case of step frequency equalled the norm of healthy people. Interpretation. The implementation of additional exercises affects the improvement of the gait parameters of mentally handicapped people, suffering from Down syndrome.

ICID 890265

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