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Conformity with the pattern of maleness and cognitive-motivational determinants of aspirations for success in women
H Mroczkowska
Biol Sport 2007; 24(3):275-284
ICID: 890557
Article type: Original article
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The aim of the present study was to estimate differences in the cognitive-motivational parameters of women presenting with dissimilar cultural patters of “mascuality” which are associated with psychophysical costs of the (undertaken) activities. Altogether, eighty-two professional female fencers and judokas of similar age ( 18 years) and experience in doing sports ( 6 years) were assayed. Taking account of the psychological gender criterion the subjects were divided into those of high (n=28) and low (n=36) expression of the “masculine” pattern. The following questionnaire techniques were employed: Psychological Gender Inventory; Questionnaire “Delta” for measurement of the individual sense of control; the KA-TN Scale, for estimation of the motivation to achieve; two techniques measuring self-evaluation of predispositions and capabilities; and measurement of the subjective probability of success. The controlled cognitive-motivational parameters specifically describe women of the weakly developed “masculine” pattern. Female athletes of this type, when placed in a rivalry situation, express the definitely fearful motivation of achievements which translates into perceiving threats rather than factors favouring arrival at the desired goal. Secondly, in contrast to their counterparts with the well-developed “masculine” pattern, these athletes during the goal-oriented actions present with the markedly lower self-evaluation of own psychophysical abilities resulting in the weaker perspective of the future success in sport.

ICID 890557

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