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Consecutive changes during standartised cardiopulmonary test in basketball players
A Andziulis, A Gocentas, N Jaszczanin, J Jaszczanin, W Starosta
Biol Sport 2006; 23(4):379-387
ICID: 890806
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 9.29
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The purpose of the study was to determine the dynamics of cardiopulmonary and metabolic response of trained basketball players during different stages of exhaustive exercise test. A total of 42 male athletes were studied. They performed incremental multistage (50W each 2 min) exercise test until exhaustion. During the test, the expired air was analyzed using breath-by-breath VMAX229 system. Parameters of ventilation, heart rate, power, indices of gas exchange were measured during the tests. Samples were formed for each 30 s interval. All samples were checked according to the Kolmogorov-Smirnov criterion and standard grouping into classes was used; the degree of freedom was established according to the normal distribution standard (k=m-p-1). Confidence intervals were calculated for samples similar to normal (95% level, p<0.05 considered sufficient).The results of this study suggest that the increase in VO2 is a linear progression, which approximately corresponds to the function VO2≈4.68+0.14*P in relation to load (VO2≈P/8) or VO2≈7,34+0,04*T in relation to time (VO2≈t(s)*19. Graphic expression of cardiopulmonary and metabolic variables is useful nomograms for the routine assessment of response during exercise in players of invasion games.

ICID 890806

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