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Force – angle and force – time characteristics of human upper extremity muscles
M Stefańska
Biol Sport 2006; 23(4):389-399
ICID: 890809
Article type: Original article
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The object of this dissertation was to identify force – angle and force – time characteristics. These relationships were analysed for entire upper extremity and its large joints, which let determine connections between analysed characteristics created for entire biokinematic chain and its individual elements. The two experiments were involved in this research. In the first experiment the force characteristics of the shoulder, elbow and wrist during flexion and extension motion in a sagittale plane were tested. The measurements were made under isokinetic conditions at angular velocity ranging from 60 to 300 /s. The values of force - time characteristic for extension movement of the entire upper extremity were achieved as the result of measurements made during the second experiment. The test equipment was the 3.08 m long physical pendulum having one degree of rotary freedom in relation to stationary, rigid base. The adjustable load was the moment of interia of pendulum changed in the range of 113 to 494 kgm2.The research have shown that along with increase of load, the force generated by the groups of tested muscles and entire upper extremity increases. Along with increase of force, the angle and time required to get given force increases as well.

ICID 890809

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