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Frequency effect on selected characteristics of the elbow joint cyclic movements
J Zawadzki
Biol Sport 2006; 23(2):195-208
ICID: 891380
Article type: Original article
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The subject of this thesis are relationships between quantities describing the behaviour of the human upper limb during cyclic movements in the elbow joint. Seventeen students took part in the experiment. The examined subjects’ task consisted in performing cyclic flexion-extension movements in the elbow joint with the highest frequency within the range of movement placed symmetrically around the middle angle α0≈1.8 rad.Movements were realised in 5 ranges with amplitudes αm from 0.2 to 1.2 rad. The dependence of joint angle on time was measured and then angular velocity ω(t), angular acceleration ε(t) and external power P(t) were calculated from the definition equations. The existence of a clear relationship (negative correlation) between amplitude and frequency of the forearm cyclic movements was found. Moreover, the strong resemblance of examined movements and harmonic oscillations was noted. It manifested itself in the character of observed kinematical dependencies and in the quantitative relations between them. Based on the above observation the dependencies of movement amplitude αm, angular velocity ωm, angular acceleration εm and external power Pm on movement frequency were determined and described using some simple equations.

ICID 891380

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