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Effects of resistance training on activities of daily living in older women
TH Rabelo, JR Oliveira, M Bottaro
Biol Sport 2004; 21(4):325-336
ICID: 891737
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 10.26
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Purpose: This investigation examined the effects of 10 weeks of different low- or high-intensity resistance-training programs on the ability of elderly women, aged 60 to 76 years, to perform daily tasks (ADL). Methods: The sample consisted of 61 volunteers who were randomly divided into 3 groups: G50 (n=21; 66.48±4.09 years), G80 (n=20; 63.90±3.78 years), and a control group CG (n=20; 63.65±7.17 years). The one-repetition maximum test (1-RM) was used for strength assessment, and the Andreotti-Okuma protocol [2] was used to evaluate ADL conduction. During the resistance-training program the G50 volunteers trained at 50% of 1-RM, and the G80 at 80% of 1-RM, thrice a week. The Split-Plot (SPANOVA) variance design, followed by the Post-hoc Scheffé test, was used for statistical analysis, with a significance level set to P0.05. Results: 1-RM and ADLs performance increased for all exercises tested for the G80 and G50 groups (P0.05). Also, the improvements experienced by the G80 group for muscular strength was significant higher (Lat-pulldown, Shoulder abduction and Calves) as compared to the G50 group, but in two exercises (Bench press and Leg press) G50 showed higher improvements in 1-RM. Besides that, relative improvement (%) in muscular strength and ADL was similar for both G80 and G50. No significant change occurred in the control group. Conclusion: The results demonstrated significant and similar improvements in muscular strength and functional abilities for both of the training groups. These data suggest that older women may obtain similar benefits using high or low-intensity resistance exercise.

ICID 891737

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