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Hip and knee joints flexibility in young and elderly people: effect of physical activity in the elderly
S Morini, A Bassi, C Cerulli, A Marinozzi, M Ripani
Biol Sport 2004; 21(1):25-37
ICID: 891948
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 10.26
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Exercise plays an important role in preventing and reducing elderly incapacity. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the articular mobility of the hip and knee joints in a group of healthy youngers and elders as well as the effects of physical activity upon the latter. 67 young patients and 43 elders of both sexes were tested through the Metrecom system. The elderly group was divided in two subgroups: sedentary and active subjects. The latter underwent a training period consisting in three months of low-cardiorespiratory impact program at the end of which subjects were tested again. In comparing youngers and elders the former showed significantly higher articular mobility both at the hip and at the knee joints. Active elders showed significantly higher ROM than sedentary ones with the exception of hip flexo-extension. Subjects who underwent training evidenced a significant increase of ROM in knee flexo-extension as well as hip flexo-extension and abduction-adduction. In a similar way, there was an increase in ROM regarding intra-extra rotation hip motion even if not reaching significance. It can be concluded that age-related decay of mobility in the joints herein studied can be efficiently contrasted with an active style of life and that a training period can further improve the mobility of the lower limb.

ICID 891948

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