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Respiratory response to walking training in overweight men
B Kruk, H Pekkarinen, O Hanninen
Biol Sport 2003; 20(4):281-288
ICID: 891983
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 10.26
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The aim of the study was to follow up changes in physiological responses to incremental exercise after 4 weeks of moderate-intensity training in overweight men. Prior to the training, all subjects underwent 2 identical control tests (C1 and C2). Each test included three treadmill running exercises, starting at the treadmill speed of 4 km/h, and increased by 1 km/h at the end of each 4 min stage. The same protocol was repeated after 4 weeks of training (T1). The subjects’ body mass index was not changed after the training. Heart rate, oxygen uptake and blood pressure were significantly reduced in C2 as compared with C1 test. After 4 weeks of training the respiratory frequency (Rf), was lower than that in the C2 but a significant difference was noted only at the running speeds of 4 and 6kmhr-1 (P<0.04). Tidal volume (TV) increased after training in comparison with C2. A significant difference was found at the running speeds of 5 and 6 km/h (P<0.03 and P<0.04, respectively). Minute ventilation (VE) was not significantly different between the tests. The present study showed that in obese subjects 4 weeks of moderate uncontrolled walking training is advantageous for changes in the respiratory pattern. However, it is too short for the cardiovascular adaptation and body weight loss. Familiarization of the subjects with the experimental procedure diminished activation of the sympathetic nervous system and has a important role for the results interpretation.

ICID 891983

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