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Physical activity and fitness of young men in aspect of biological maturity described by electroforetic motility of nuclei method (EMN)
A Wieczorek, G Wawrzyniak, J Adrian, J Wieczorek
Biol Sport 2010; 27(1):71-73
ICID: 907956
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 9.38
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In the study of physical activity it is usually accepted a priori that the group similar in terms of the calendar age satisfies the uniformity assumption. This fact should be verified using methods which allow to establish objectively the degree of biological maturity. One of them is a determinant of biological age which also allows for an assessment of the biological value of a system, irrespective of the traindness level, sport or limitations of physical activity. The aim of the study is to show differences in the level of physical fitness of young men uniform in terms of biological maturity and different in terms of calendar age.
The study covered 189 young men aged 19 to 24. Their motor fitness was determining by using Eurofit test. The subjects’ preferred form of physical activity as well as its level was established in interviews. Their EMN indicators were established on the basis of the degree of electroforetical mobility of cell nuclei by the ratio of cells with motile nuclei to all observed cells meeting the selection criterion. The biological material was the oral epithelium.
The subjects varied in terms of calendar age did not differ significantly in terms of their biological maturity. The differences in some tests of can be linked to the level of physical fitness more than to the preferred forms. motor fitness.

ICID 907956

DOI 10.5604/20831862.907956

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