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Study of portuguese handball players of different playing status. A morphological and biosocial
L.M. Massuça, I Fragoso
Biol Sport 2011; 28(1):37-44
ICID: 935871
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 10.06
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The development of sport has guided sports sciences researchers to the study of excellence in sport performance. In accordance, this study aims to evaluate the relation between some morphological and biosocial factors and sport level and tactical position in handball players of Portuguese leagues. A total of 187 male handball athletes (age, 23.48±5.12 years) participated in this study. The sample was divided into five groups (Top elite, Moderate elite, Sub-elite, Moderate trained, Junior elite) for comparison. Morphological evaluation of participants comprised the study of 11 anthropometric measures, adipose mass and fat-free mass. To evaluate biosocial dimensions, participants completed the Portuguese Biosocial RAPIL questionnaire (adapted to handball athletes). Results showed that top elite athletes were taller, heavier, had higher fat-free mass, less fat mass, higher socio-economic status and higher weekly energy expenditure. These findings can be a useful tool to promote real changes in training methods, specifically in relation to the weekly energy expenditure in training (i.e., training volume).

ICID 935871

DOI 10.5604/935871

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