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Biology of Sport 2/2017

Cięszczyk P, Willard K, Gronek P et al. Are genes encoding proteoglycans really associated with the risk of anterior cruciate ligament rupture? Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):97–103 (Full text)

Belli T, Crisp AH, Verlengia R. Greater muscle damage in athletes with ACTN3 R577X (rS1815739) gene polymorphism after an ultra-endurance race: a pilot study. 2017;34(2):105–110. (Full text)

Malczewska-Lenczowska J, Orysiak J, Szczepańska B. Reticulocyte and erythrocyte hypochromia markers in detection of iron deficiency in adolescent female athletes. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):111–118. (Full text)

Zhao X, Tsujimoto T, Kim B, Tanaka K. Association of arch height with ankle muscle strength and physical performance in adult men. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):119–126. (Full text)

Stania M, Król P, Sobota G, Polak A, Bacik B, Juras G. The effect of the training with the different combinations of frequency and peak-to-peak vibration displacement of whole-body vibration on the strength of knee flexors and extensors iol Sport. 2017;34(2):127–136. (Full text)

Chtara M, Rouissi M, Haddad M et al. Specific physical trainability in elite young soccer players: efficiency over 6 weeks’ in-season training. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):137–148. (Full text)

Los Arcos A, Mendez-Villanueva A, Martínez-Santos R. In-season training periodization of professional soccer players. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):149–155. (Full text)

Halouani J, Chtourou H, Dellal A et al. The effects of game types on intensity of small-sided games among pre-adolescent youth football players. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):157–162. (Full text)

Halouani J, Chtourou H, Dellal A, Chaouachi A, Chamari K. Soccer small-sided games in young players: rule modification to induce higher physiological responses. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):163–168. (Full text)

Theodorou AS, Paradisis G, Smpokos E,  Paradisis  G,  Smpokos  E,  Chatzinikolaou  A,  Fatouros  I, King RFGJ, Cooke CB. The effect of carbohydrate augmented creatine supplementation on anaerobic performance. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):169–175. (Full text)

Conte D, Favero TG, Niederhausen M, Capranica L, Tessitore A. Determinants of the effectiveness of fast break actions in elite and sub-elite Italian men’s basketball games. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):177–183. (Full text)

Slimani M, Chaabène H, Miarka B, Franchini E, Chamari K, Cheour F. Kickboxing review: anthropometric, psychophysiological and activity profiles and injury epidemiology. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):185–196. (Full text)

Lane MT, Herda TJ, Fry AC  Cooper MA, Andre MJ, Gallagher PM. Endocrine responses and acute mTOR pathway phosphorylation to resistance exercise with leucine and whey. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):197–203. (Full text)

Lehnert M, Sigmund M, Lipinska P et al. Training-induced changes in physical performance can be achieved without body mass reduction after eight week of strength and injury prevention oriented programme in volleyball female players. Biol Sport. 2017;34(2):205-213. (Full text)

Biology of Sport 3/2017

Hammami A, Sofien K, Farinatti P et al. Blood pressure, heart rate and perceived enjoyment after small-sided soccer games and repeated sprint in untrained healthy adolescents. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):219–225. (Full text)

Beato M, Coratella G, Schena F, Hulton AT. Evaluation of the external and internal workload 
in female futsal players. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):227–231. (Full text)

Forsyth J, Burt D, Ridley F, Mann C. Using lactate threshold to predict 5-km treadmill running performance in veteran athletes Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):233–237. (Full text)

Borges TO, Moreira A, Bacchi R et al. Validation of the VERT wearable jump monitor device in elite youth volleyball players. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):239–242. (Full text)

Skrzypiec-Spring M, Krzywański J, Karlikowska-Skwarnik M et al. Pertussis outbreak in Polish shooters with adverse event analysis. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):243–248. (Full text)

Eirale C, Gillogly S, Singh G, Chamari K. Injury and illness epidemiology in soccer – effects of global geographical differences - a call for standardized and consistent research studies. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):249-254. (Full text)

Chycki J, Zając T, Maszczyk A, Kurylas A. The effect of mineral-based alkaline water on hydration status and the metabolic response to short-term anaerobic exercise. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):255–261. (Full text)

Pehar M, Sekulic D, Sisic N et al. Evaluation of different jumping tests in defining position-specific and performance-level differences in high level basketball players iol Sport. 2017;34(3):263–272. (Full text)
Kitamura K, Pereira LA, Kobal R et al. Loaded and unloaded jump performance of top-level volleyball players from different age categories.Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):273–278. (Full text)

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