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Biology of Sport 3/2017

Hammami A, Sofien K, Farinatti P et al. Blood pressure, heart rate and perceived enjoyment after small-sided soccer games and repeated sprint in untrained healthy adolescents. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):219–225. (Full text)

Beato M, Coratella G, Schena F, Hulton AT. Evaluation of the external and internal workload 
in female futsal players. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):227–231. (Full text)

Forsyth J, Burt D, Ridley F, Mann C. Using lactate threshold to predict 5-km treadmill running performance in veteran athletes Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):233–237. (Full text)

Borges TO, Moreira A, Bacchi R et al. Validation of the VERT wearable jump monitor device in elite youth volleyball players. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):239–242. (Full text)

Skrzypiec-Spring M, Krzywański J, Karlikowska- Skwarnik M et al. Pertussis outbreak in Polish shooters with adverse event analysis. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):243–248. (Full text)

Eirale C, Gillogly S, Singh G, Chamari K. Injury and illness epidemiology in soccer – effects of global geographical differences - a call for standardized and consistent research studies. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):249-254. (Full text)

Chycki J, Zając T, Maszczyk A, Kurylas A. The effect of mineral-based alkaline water on hydration status and the metabolic response to short-term anaerobic exercise. Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):255–261. (Full text)

Pehar M, Sekulic D, Sisic N et al. Evaluation of different jumping tests in defining position-specific and performance-level differences in high level basketball players iol Sport. 2017;34(3):263–272. (Full text)
Kitamura K, Pereira LA, Kobal R et al. Loaded and unloaded jump performance of top-level volleyball players from different age categories.Biol Sport. 2017;34(3):273–278. (Full text)

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